#96: Marco Turini (interview in English)

I've decided (because the majority of Marco's fans are not from the Czech Republic) that it will be meaningful to publish interview with Marco in English. And... here it is:
Marco Turini is an Italian artist who was born near Pisa. He found his way to comics thanks to his father who did lettering for "Tex" series. Marco started his career in 90s and worked for Italian publishers alone (author of script and drawing too) or in cooperation with different authors. Because of his arts (it is described in the interview) he overstepped frontiers of Italy and co-operate with publishers such as Marvel or Avatar Press. Now, Marco draws for other big companies which are DC Comics and mainly Top Cow. He is publishing the Czech edition of his authorial comics "E.V.A." in November. "E.V.A." was firstly published in Italy, 2006. But fans can buy this book in advance - it will be available on Crwecon. Also, there Marco will talk about the creation of this comics and other interesting topics.
This is Marco Turini
Enough writing. It is time for interview. I would like to thank Marco that he can spend a time doing this interview. His approach was great - this is also reflected in small bonus that is put to the whole end of this article. If you want to know more about Marco, visit his English web www.marcoturini.com.

In your art for “E.V.A.”, I can see influence of Moebius or Geof Darrow. But your women are amazingly European sexy. Were there some other authors that influenced you a lot?
Yes, i really love Moebius art. I have also been inspired by Alberto Breccia, Alfons Mucha, who is the greatest Czech artist for me, Gustav Klimt and many others. Concerning the women the main influence is Milo Manara....I am not inspired only by comic book artists and by painters but also by movie directors - about storytelling and visual angles. My favorite one is Stanley Kubrik, but I like a lot David Lynch as well.
Sketch from Batman - Marco co-operate with DC on "Legends of the Dark Knight"
You told (for www.komiksarium.cz) that “E.V.A.” is you answer on social problems in society. Do you try to reflect problems in Italy or problems from global point of view?
"E.V.A." reflects my opinion of the global society generally. This story was born because I wanted to show certain situations in the Palestinian/Israel conflict to comics readers . But, naturally, the story is a great metaphor of the nowadays world politic establishment...
One page from "Artifacts 26"
I can see (from “E.V.A.” teaser illustrations) that you are great in drawing women and robots, your city is very detailed. What do you like to draw most? Women, structures, techs, or anything else?
I love to draw women, guns and technologies :) All the thing, that are in "E.V.A."... I don't know why but I like to draw the contrast between the soft woman body and the hardiness of the technologies. I'm happy when I can draw like this.
One page from Italian edition of "E.V.A."
Are you working on some other comic book that will be your creator-owned project?
At the moment I am too busy with Artifacts, Cyber Force and other projects. But in past a lot of short stories and two other books were published in Italy. But only by erotic magazine and erotic publishers :) "E.V.A." isn't erotic and it is my preferred story - politics, sci-fi and just a little bit of sexy looking women.
You can find this and other interesting drawings on Marco's Facebook page
Could you tell as what are you working at now? (Interview was done on 21th May 2013)
Now I am occupied mainly with the ongoing series Cyber Force (Marc Silvestri story - Top Cow). I'm very lucky because this is the kind of story, that contains all my favorite things to draw. And I feel honoured to work with Marc - he is my favorite artist and great person.
He really can draw women
You create on your own and also for huge publishers. What is your cup of tea? You like a certainty of company offers or freedom of freelance creativity?
I prefer freedom... Drawing comics is a work but if possible I wish to work feeling happy. For example - I had total freedom by the publisher in the "E.V.A." case. In TopCow and in Dc I'm free about camera angles and many artistic things (and I am happy about it!) but I cannot influence the script.
Beauty and death in one picture
Have you some time to watch Czech comics market? Do you think that there is a future for artists?
Yes, I did. The Czech comics market is very small but I saw some interesting publications. I saw Aarghh! magazines (I collaborate with them for the 2014 number) and Crew (I found there some great DC titles). The Czech tradition is mostly underground or Saudek and less classic modern comics. Czech market is probably at the beginning and I predict other magazines coming soon.
I would like to get in touch with some professional Czech comics artists for future collaboration.
As was written, Marco also worked for Marvel
Your wife is from the Czech Republic as far as I know. But why did you chose to live here and not in Italy? I think that Italian comics and artists market are bigger than ours and also connection with the USA is better (in my opinion). Isn't it a problem to manage your career from here?
Yes, my wife and my daughter are Czech :) I live here from 2010, in Libcice, near Prague.
For working with USA i need only a good Internet Connection and here i have it :)
I've choose Czech Republic for living with my family because i love Prague, i think is the most beautiful city in the world....i prefer live here instead Italy...now in Italy isn't a good time, for cultural and economic reasons.

Thank you very much!

And - as I promised - a small bonus at the end. These are two sketches of "E.V.A." that are not included in the Czech edition of the book. I would like to thank Marco and Hanka that they allowed me to publish these sketches. Now, you can enjoy them too.

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